A Postcard From London

A postcard from London

For You

To say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’

And share the joy

Of receiving something

Other than bills

I hope the thrill of it

Will bring a smile

And fill your heart with peace

For the better year

London Postcard

This is one of the postcards sent to family and friends this year. What Christie’s Fan’s followers will receive are a different design nevertheless. It’s a surprise! 

Should you be interested in receiving a postcard, please kindly send me an email on knowingchristie@yahoo.com. Alternatively a text message to +447775923550 (on whatsapp and viber).

Address supplied will be treated as confidential and in return I will expect the same.

I will understand if some of you might feel ‘strange’ on the above request, but the intention is genuine.


2 thoughts on “A Postcard From London

  1. I would love to have a postcard from you! An exchange of postcards between geographical strangers is wonderful! I belong to Postcrossing.com, and international communication site. If you like the idea of receiving a postcard from a random person somewhere else in the world, visit: postcrossing.com. It’s free and fun!

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