The Christie In A Year Challenge

Dear Christie’s Readers

Starting in 2013 I would like to to read all Agatha Christie’s work. The deadline: 12th January 2014 – in a year’s time.

Is it a reading challenge? Yes and No. Yes, because I have promised my son that I will do it. No, because it is not a matter of just reading them all. For I am more interested to find out things beyond plotting a murder scene. At any rate, her observance to human psychology is second to none. Nonetheless, it is her sense of humour and witty conversations presented in each book which intrigue me most.

Furthermore, I will post my notes on each novel, non-fiction books, plays and romantic novels she wrote under a different name.  Each note will have the following headings:

  • Rating: why it’s worth reading the book
  • Year of Publication : a reminder of the era
  • Plot: a brief about the story
  • Motive for Murder: my conclusion as to why the murder(s) are done
  • Highlights my takes on the plot, the characters, issues discussed and small things that might interest other Christie’s fans 
  • The Twists: objects and a characters’ behaviour which provide hints to the mystery
  • Cast of Characters: names and their roles in the story
  • The Most Fascinating Character: my choice of a character I have found most amusing, impressive, bewildering or the least known
  • Clues : characters’ remarks that might tickle the grey cells  (if one read them carefully)

My promise to you: no spoilers!

The images which accompany in the posts will be photographs I have taken from places in the UK and other relevant images on the Internet with a link to the URLs.

My first post was The Mysterious Affair At Sytles – Christie’s first published work in 1920. It is only fair to do so as it marks the creation of Hercule Poirot.

Subsequent posts depends on the availability of my getting hold of each novel, for I will have to use the library reservation service in a London Borough where I have lived.

Above all, please have your say. The only thing I beg you not to write is to give away whodunit(s).

Wish me luck, will you?

Yours in haste

Christie’s Fan

2 thoughts on “The Christie In A Year Challenge

  1. I suppose to have reviewed seventy books by the end of October. I am behind owing to family issues last August and July.

    Thank you very much for promoting my blog, which is much appreciated. You are a star!

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